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  • Upgrade | Refurbishment

  • Chain mesh

  • Surfacing

2 lane cricket practice net facility

Norris Road State School
Bracken Ridge, Brisbane

Premier Cricket new images  25.09.19 925.jpg



  • Single concrete slabs raised from ground presenting a tripping hazard

  • Dirt inside nets creating a maintenance issue

  • Synthetic grass in poor condition

  • Holes in chain mesh

  • Dividing net too low with balls often crossing into adjacent training lane

  • No roof netting – balls frequently hit out of practice area being a danger to other players


  • Remove individual batting slabs and replace with a single (full width) concrete slab

  • Supply and installation of 'heavy duty' synthetic grass (wider and longer) to the batting end and bowling pads

  • Install metal framework for new roof net and cover with chain mesh to reduce balls leaving enclosure

  • Extended height of dividing net to meet with new roof net area to stop ball crossing between nets

  • Holes in chain mesh retied to main frame (where possible)

  • Install new turf around bowling pads and between bowling and batting areas to reduce tripping hazards

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