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Soft Netting  |

Tensioned Soft Netting

There is a distinct trend towards the installation of soft netting and tensioned soft netting in cricket practice facilities.  Cricket Clubs are removing their chain mesh netting and replacing with soft netting options for player safety.


Soft netting and tensioned soft netting constructions are considered a safer option for players with a lower risk of balls rebounding off poles, therefore reducing the injury risk.  Further, the softer nets are much kinder on leather cricket balls than chain mesh systems.


Soft netting systems are generally overall lower in cost to construct than a chain mesh facility of the same dimensions.


Soft netting systems can be configured in a variety of ways to help achieve flexibility within the structure as required.


If vandalism is a concern, a chain wire perimeter with a soft net interior can be constructed.

Soft netting :


Soft netting (loose hung) is considered a safer option than chain mesh systems as fewer internal poles are required to hang the nets (chain mesh requires metal poles every 3 meters).


For multilane installations, we usually recommend a tensioned net perimeter with loose net dividing curtains to separate each training lane.


Tensioned soft netting :


Combining the rigidity of chain wire systems with the safety benefits of soft netting, our tensioned soft netting systems are an ideal choice for cricket clubs, schools and homeowners looking for a practice net system which features player safety, design flexibility and functionality.


Tensioned soft netting systems are generally constructed with the metal poles external to the netting which eliminates any chance of balls rebounding off metal poles thereby further enhancing the safety aspect of the facility.

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