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From conception to completion!

Premier Cricket Net Construction carries out cricket pitch resurfacing using high quality synthetic grass right through to design and installation of multi-lane cricket net practice facilities using tensioned soft netting and chain mesh.  Whether it be a cricket net upgrade or cricket pitch installation, we have the experience and professional industry contacts to ensure your project is completed professionally.

We use products built to last!

We use Australian made synthetic grasses and soft netting manufactured to withstand Australian conditions, ensuring the products we use in our installations will last for many years.

  • Full design and build


    Premier Cricket Net Construction can assist with initial design right through to full completion of your project.  Our completed projects include cricket pitches, single-lane practice nets and multi-lane training facilities.

  • Soft netting  |  Tensioned netting


    There is a distinct trend towards the installation of soft netting and tensioned netting in cricket practice facilities.  Cricket Clubs are removing their chain mesh netting and replacing with soft netting options for player safety.

  • Chain mesh


    Chain mesh provides a rigid and long lasting structure which is not easily damaged.  This makes chain wire the preferred option in situations where vandalism or misuse from outside factors is likely to be an issue.

  • Cricket pitch installation


    In cricket, the quality of the pitch directly affects the quality of the cricket played.  To ensure a high quality result for our clients, all pitches we build either meet, or in some cases exceed, the engineering specifications.

  • Upgrade  |  Refurbishment


    In situations where the structural aspects of the facility are in good condition (concrete slab in good order / metal framework solid), an upgrade or refurbishment will provide players with a safer and more comfortable training facility.

  • Surfacing  |  Resurfacing


    Eventually, even the best quality synthetic surfaces wear out and need to be replaced.  We can install new synthetic grass to bare concrete surfaces or we can replace the old worn grass with new “heavy duty” Australian made synthetic grass.

  • Residential


    Building a cricket net in a residential setting requires an individual approach due to the complexities this situation presents.  We can discuss these with the client and work together to achieve the desired result.


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