Upgrade | Refurbishment :  4-lane cricket practice net facility

Murwillumbah Cricket Club

Murwillumbah, NSW


  • synthetic grass in poor condition

  • bare concrete damaging to cricket balls

  • fixed soft netting not able to be moved to allow mowing of grass

  • bowling pads rough, uneven and in poor condition presenting hazards to bowlers

  • soft nets in poor condition  (large holes and falling down)

  • no roof net to prevent balls crossing between nets or from exiting the batting area


  • old nets and synthetic grass removed

  • supply and installation of 'heavy duty' synthetic grass  (full length and width to batting area)

  • new synthetic grass to existing bowling pad area

  • lines marked (white - painted)

  • supply and installation of tensioned soft netting to batting area 

  • installation of roof netting to batting area reducing the number of balls leaving the enclosure

  • roof net fully sewn to dividing nets to prevent balls crossing nets

  • netting attached onto stainless steel cable at top for added durability and to prevent sagging

  • netting in batting area fully sewn onto stainless steel cable at bottom for added durability

  • netting forward of batting area able to slide on stainless to cable to allow maintenance of grass between slabs


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Brisbane Northside

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Rick Heilbronn

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